S Boulder Road Maintenance Info

South Boulder Road At-Grade Crossing


o The intent of the project is to prepare final design and construction

documents to multiple intersections along the South Boulder Road corridor

in accordance with the recommendations provided in the “2019 Louisville

South Boulder Road Connectivity Plan”.


o Work will include new ADA ramps, signal timing, and median island work. A

new HAWK signal will be installed at Eisenhower.


o Intersections along South Boulder Road that will be improved include:

o Main Street

o Centennial Drive

o Garfield Avenue

o Via Appia

o Eisenhower Drive


o Work is scheduled from July through September.


o Via Appia ramp work will continue for the next 10 days.


o Concrete work on the median noses has begun and will continue through the

end of August.


o Due to an unforseen issue with the existing signal pole on the northwest

corner of the Centennial intersection, work on this corner will be delayed

until a new signal pole can be delivered. Due to significant lead times in the

industry, the work here will not be completed until the spring of 2023. Signal

work at all intersections will be on-going.

Alan D. Belenski, D.D.S.

  • Alan D. Belenski, D.D.S. - 225 W. South Boulder Rd., Suite 200, Louisville, CO 80027 Phone: (303) 666-5080 Fax: (303) 665-4339

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